Overview of iCAM

This is a product as Education Management ‎Solution which assures QoE and QoS. It is an innovative end to end school management system. It focuses on 4 high level Quality Metrics and each Metric bolsters another, in bottom up fashion.


It will help to Integrate all operations under a single platform and provides a solution synergy.


It will empower to Capture the operational blue print of an institution out of an Integrated environment.


It will enable to Automate the Operation as a Process.


Finally, It will give control to Manage its Environment with finer insight and transparency.

Module Features


Fully Customizable, Streamlined and automated admission process for your institution.Transparent admission & student selection process.Manual effort is reduced for speedy & accurate admission.


iCAM facilitates in managing academic related task such as course creation, class course mapping, adding subjects etc. efficiently. Maps various subjects and subject groups to course and students. Configures & setups examination schedules within few minutes.

Office Administration

Helps in managing all school related activities like student management, class allotment, generating exam results with great ease. Easily create events & notices for institution. Policy creation for library, book rating, vendor rating, attendance and exam.


iCAM manage school accommodation in a convenient and secure manner. Add hostel rooms, hostel facilities and students in hostel. Easy to maintain hostel expenses and stocks.


iCAM manages various vendors and generates purchase orders. Allocation & de allocation of inventory asset are managed using QR codes. Commodity allotment history details are maintained for quick reference.


Library functions according to the library policy drafted for various resources. iCAM provides easy to use book profiling and book cataloging. Easy to create book requisition & book return.


Automate HR activities like staff recruitment, staff details management, leave management, setting salary templates and salary breakups. Configures personal calendar to create & view personal events . iCAM enables automation of task delegation process for better accountability.

System Administration

Create role & access type to provide sufficient rights to access modules. Configure Directory server, DB Server, Email & SMS server for software setup. Easy to load bulk data & archive records for maintenance.


Ticketing system facilitates user to generate ticket to report their grievances and feedback. Designated ticketing executives resolves the ticket as per service level agreement. Audit trail is maintained to record ticket details.

Prime Focus Of iCAM



Online Live Support

Users with working knowledge of computers will be able to handle iCAM. We have designed this school management software while keeping in mind all kinds of users.


Online Live Support

Ensures greater efficiency and overall reduces operating costs and savings on time and efforts.


Online Live Support

Zero redundancy in managing the entire institutions records thus better co-ordination between departments.

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Paperless Office


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Our Services encompassing end to end school management software, Custom Application development and reliable QA services.

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