Requirement Analysis and Gaps

Most of the time, software don’t fail due to wrong solution but because of incorrect requirements. This is specifically true for cases where the requirements are evolving. While customers are engrossed with building a product to service end customer, many considerations left unexplored which becomes clear during thorough requirement of analysis. We engage with customers in iterative discussions to address below points

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  • Engage with customers in articulating the problem statement and clearly stating the objective of the software
  • Analyze the requirements based on the objective of the software and domain of the application
  • Raise questions with critical mind to ensure the functionality takes into account all the scenarios in order to remove ambiguities in the problem statement
  • Identify gaps in requirements from the perspective of business use cases and objective of the software
  • Document the requirements as understood by us and in the process establish functions, attributes, constraints, preferences and expectations of the product
  • Document Business Use cases of the requirements which ensures minimum viable product. This will become bible of the whole development life cycle

Solution Architecting and Design

We believe solution architecting and design is not purely a technical job. While technicalities of the solution play a predominant role in architecting and design, also of paramount of importance are System level view of the software, Objective of the Product, Scalability of the application, Reusability and Impact on other systems. Below covers a very high level view of the Architecting and Design process implemented by us.

  • Document process flows covering all the Business Use cases
  • Create component diagram showing how the different modules of the system communicates with each other and other systems
  • Create system view showing Modular view, layered architecture view, frameworks (MVC, layered architecture)
  • Identify languages to be used, scope, goals and high level methodologies (Rational, Waterfall, Agile etc)
  • Design individual modules, entities, contracts between modules, interfaces, APIs (if involved) etc
  • Phases involved in evolving the product and timelines around development as part of Solution Design Document

We create best in Class solution architecting and design involving experts of the field. We involve the customer at every level and provide complete transparency in the design process. We also provide clarity to customers on the pros and cons of particular design and why our choice is better than alternate options available.

Prototyping & UXD

Ideation stage is generally vague. Creating full-fledged requirements takes iterative efforts and multiple brain storming sessions. Nevertheless many times the clarity of thought on the requirements evolve if there is a medium to visualize the intended product. Traditionally Prototyping and wireframes (UXD) have played very important role in creating this clarity. QTS provides following services for prototyping

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  • Create prototypes and wireframes as part of Requirements identification
  • Conduct walkthroughs and brainstorming sessions with customer to help articulate the requirements and identify gaps in the thought process
  • In case of full development project these services are bundled into the project lifecycle
  • Provide exclusive service on creating prototypes and run the requirements brainstorming sessions for customers

Maintenance and Enhancement

If you have an application purchased off the shelf or built inhouse, QTS helps maintain these 3rd party software thereby reducing the Total Cost of Ownership of the solution. We will build the competency around the product knowledge and dedicate resources towards same.

State of the art applications evolve with time. There needs to be constant improvisation of the existing software in order to increase stability and performance. QTS helps customers through analyzing existing solutions by our expert teams and provide solutions to improvise the application from the perspective of scalability, reliability, performance and security

With technology becoming backbone of many businesses, unavailability of the system directly costs money to customers. Unavailability of system leads to customer dissatisfaction which will result in customer exodus. QTS provides reliable solutions in application monitoring and support. Our solutions include following services

  • Monitoring the system for availability of system and fix the issues or raise the alarm proactively
  • Automate monitoring process and create proactive system alerts to prevent downtime issues
  • Create dedicated support teams on T & M basis to provide application support and help end users resolve issues

QA and Testing

QA and Testing is imprescriptible part of any software development life cycle. Software’s reliability, efficiency and effectiveness depend on the depth and breadth of testing. QTS has dedicated service on QA & Testing.

Our Services encompassing end to end school management software, Custom Application development and reliable QA services.

Our company is primarily focused on blending the experience of product development and services to bring in the best of both worlds to our customers