Application Development

Whether you seek rapid development of a single application or long-term maintenance of your entire suite of applications or corporate systems, we will ensure your technology assets drive exceptional business results.

Custom Application Development

QTS has been developing stable and reliable applications for customers for half a decade. With blended experience of product development and services, we provide the most optimal solutions which bring the best of both worlds. While our services experience help us keep customer as the focus of development, our product experience keep tickling our bone to get smarter and innovative with structured thinking. We also leverage our internal Innovation Department to venture into untested waters.

The clarity on requirements normally defines the budget, duration and quality of the software developed. We specialize in conducting discussion and analysis to help customers gain insight into problem statement, improve clarity of requirements and articulate the problem statement.

Be it Agile, Waterfall or Rapid Application Development approach, having robust designs of solution upfront will save lot of cost and efforts in the duration of the project. We create design documents with all details which will build customer confidence and set expectations on the product.

While few customers have prefixed requirements of the technology to be deployed in developing solutions, technologies are unlikely to function adequately if inappropriate choices are made at outset. QTS will perform the SWOT analysis of various options available for technology selection and arrive at appropriate technological landscape for the project. We operate on partner basis and invest as needed in various technologies as desired by customer applications.

Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “Plans are nothing, Planning is everything”. However at QTS we believe that with discipline and focused execution, we can make plans as relevant as planning. With our experienced scrum masters, techno functional project managers, we bring in strong project management into execution. We deploy necessary tools and engage with customer on regular basis in order to stay put the projects within budgets and deadlines.

Testing Strategy

Quality is not an act, it is a habit. Adopting right testing strategy is important to reduce post development issues in software. However selection of right testing strategy depends on various factors as below.

Test strategy depends on whether it is enhancement of Legacy system, development of In house new application, development of Web Application with/without financial transactions etc. For instance, emphasis on security testing is more when financial transactions are involved.

Test strategy depends on the stage of application Beta stage, MVP Live state etc. Focus on regression will be less before golive but will be very important in production system.

Scalability demands helps to understand the degree of performance testing to be taken up, handling of auditing requirements etc. If no high volumes are expected on the system we can tone down the intensity of the performance testing.

Every customer understands quality is not free. The degree of testing depends on the appetite for customer to invest in quality. We engage with customer in creating data points which will help take balanced approach towards testing strategy.

Be it waterfall, agile, rapid application development will play a significant role in the testing strategy. We provide our best practices recommendation based on the methodology deployed to finalize the right testing strategy.

There is no better happiness for customers than to see the software working well in production and people are adopting with ease. QTS team will stand by customer during the entire production deployment cycle and also train operational resources to get comfortable in using the software solution.

Web Application Development

Qts has genuine expertise in web application development. Despite the advent of multiple frameworks and technologies, web application development still demands the developers to get involved with customer Business. While technology is a key component (like frameworks, programming languages, databases etc) in web development, there are many things which play key role in developing the application. To name a few,

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  • Good understanding of the Customer Business
  • Analysis of the Business profile of the customers
  • Interaction with other SAAS based software for specific services (eg. KYC)
  • Entity Relationship model
  • Payment Gateways if financial transactions are involved
  • End User profiles (whether the solution is for anyone on the street or customers with prior knowledge)
  • Scalability and performance needs of the software

QTS with half a decade experience in building web applications, thoroughly understands what it takes to build web application and provide clients with state of the art solutions.

Legacy Application Upgrade and Enhancement

The nature of software is to evolve. Evolution depends on multiple factors like changing business requirements, growth into new market, increased user base of the system etc. There will be constant demand for customers to enhance the existing software/application in order to meet the changes in demand.

QTS Team with right blend of architects, solution strategists, project managers and developers can help develop efficient and cost effective solutions to enhance the legacy applications. Our key approach to enhancement of legacy application will be as follows

  • Participate in discussions with customer to understand the objective of enhancement and changes
  • Analyze the landscape and scope of existing application and document the current state
  • Articulate the changes needed to the system and benefits to be gained
  • Arrange for walk through and play back sessions with customer on existing system to affirm the understanding and clarity on sensitivity of existing system
  • Perform impact analysis on the existing and identify technical components to be changed
  • Create Functional and Business Use cases which can become toll gate for new system
  • Define regression strategy in order to ensure the existing functionality is not impacted

Testing & Automation

Testing is an essential part of any software. Quality of software and end user effectiveness are clearly dependent on the effectiveness of testing performed. Though we all understand Quality is not free, the cost of quality can go up exponentially if right strategy is not employed. For software, testing plays a pivotal role in ensuring quality apart from planning, process, best practices etc. The cost of testing can be greatly controlled if right strategy is employed and automation is made inherent to all testing approach. While our full suite of testing solutions can be found here, we offering testing and automation as blended service with development.

Training and Grooming

Training and grooming of staff is integral part of any organization and QTS truly recognizes this need. In QTS, employees are constantly encouraged to improve the competency both in technology and domain. QTS employees following techniques to keep our staff on the path of continuous learning

  • Employees are constantly challenged to articulate the big picture of the project and importance of their work. This increases the accountability of employees and keeps them relevant in the project
  • All Employees are made part of ideation and brainstorming sessions. This helps them develop structured thinking, grasp the big picture of the project and also related to solutions developed for customer systems
  • Employees are encourage to use MOOCs and other tutorials to constantly upgrade their technical skills
  • All Employees are provided with opportunities which takes them out of comfort zone and forces them to acquire knowledge to solve the customer problems
  • All Employees are provided opportunity to be part of Research and Development team at regular intervals so that they understand new advancements and keep motivated towards self learning and development.

Blended Development Methodologies

Modern software development involves many things (as below) apart from technical strength of candidates.

  • Ability to conceptualize system based on the initial thoughts of customer
  • Reason and articulate the requirements and gaps
  • Envisage the path to evolution of product based on market, business and growth potential
  • Consider end user requirement and needs into the design
  • Identify unknowns (upfront) which needs research to arrive at solution
  • Perseverance and iterative approach to design solutions

Many of these traits are specific to different types of experience gained in the world of information technology. While some are specific to service oriented experience, some are specific to product development experience while some are very R & D type of experience. We are QTS thrive to create a blend of all worlds while designing world class scalable solutions to customers. Our resources are equally experience in all the 3 areas due to our internal policy of promoting innovation and agility.

Our Services encompassing end to end school management software, Custom Application development and reliable QA services.

Our company is primarily focused on blending the experience of product development and services to bring in the best of both worlds to our customers