QA Analysis

QA Analysis

QA Analysis is the primary step before you decide how much you need to invest into your testing strategy. Testing has many variations and defining strategy before embarking on any Testing Methodology is of paramount of importance. And to define strategy, it is important to perform through analysis of Application Landscape, possible vulnerabilities, nature of the system (inhouse or external) etc.

QA Analysis involves

  • Define the landscape (inhouse, external, financial, evolutionary scope of Application etc)
  • Analyze the testing process, methodology and technologies currently being used
  • Identify any inefficiencies, roadblocks, and gaps
  • Evaluate options
  • Give recommendations to improve your business processes
  • Prioritize future milestones

Benefits of QA Analysis

  • Extend beyond any single product or process
  • Consistently faster time-to-market
  • Better utilization of resources
  • Ability to deliver on future requirements
  • Increased team morale
  • Efficient training and knowledge transfer

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